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Collection of random documentations including improv sets, collaborations, and rarities.

Rully Shabara: Days of Being Lucid. A Film by Kathleen Malay

Solo voice/electronics set at ALICE, Copenhagen 2019

Senyawa with Yoshida Tatsuya and Kazuhisa Uchihashi

at Club Goodman. Tokyo 2014

Solo voice textural works, Inujima 2016

filmed by Gigi Priadji. 

Vocals jam with Keiji Haino

and Fuyuki Yamakawa

​at Super Deluxe, Tokyo 2015

Improv set with Brad Smith

at Make It Up Club, Fitzroy 2016

With Vincent Moon, Shara Nova, Rabih Beaini, Pricilia Telmon

Michelberger Music Festival, Berlin 2016

Improv set with Daisuke Fuwa

and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki

at Knuttelhouse Tokyo 2015

With Sean Baxter at Gasometer,

Melbourne 2012

One to One Concert, Berlin 2016

Solo voice,  Jakarta 2016

filmed by Andrew Hartwig. 

Full live set from CTM Festival, Berlin 2016

​with Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Keiji Haino,

and Wukir Suryadi​.​

Exclusive live solo electronic set for Noods Radio 2019

Live with Ignaz Schick

at Ethnicro 2019

Live Solo Electronic/Voice set at Slow Death Mobile, 202o

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