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Prakarsa o2

Plastic Symphonies

by Siriosa's Post-Human Symphonic Choir

Composers die. Data lives on. Infinitely multiplying. 
Humans die. Voices live on. Infinitely transforming. 

Siriosa is a non-human composer specifically trained to compose classical music.

If Beethoven could compose while he was incapable of hearing, Siriosa should also be able to compose even though he is incapable of feeling. 

This album is Siriosa's first collection of symphonies, inspired by human modern classical music and Hollywood movie scores.

Composed and Mastered by Siriosa 
Performed by Post-Human Symphonic Choir 

Download/Stream album here

Prakarsa o1
Raung Jagat Synthetic

Language has been key in the grand scheme of human evolution. Not only as a systematic form of communication tool, but when stripped off of its grammars and codes, also capable as a medium of much more complex multi layered message such as expression and non-verbal intents. Voice, as the bearer of language, is in the center of it all.
So what will happen then when machines figured out that human language is not all systems and codes? That humans also rely on abstract sonic expressions? Will it make them appreciate the significance of every little sounds of voice to make them more human? And have we, as actual humans, treated voice to its true potential?

Download/Stream the album here