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Collection of random podcasts and interviews.

Podcast with Interdependence Pod with Holly Herdnon & Mat Dryhurst

Podcast interview for The Lake Radio 2019

Podcast interview about Xhabarabot Voice Machines 2023

Podcast interview for Liquid Architecture 2022

Podcast interview prior to concert in L'Embabineouse, Marseille 2022

Podcast interview prior to Beaches Brew Festival, Italy 2022

Nuts and Bolts Podcast 2021

Profile interview for ResonanceEXTRA by Eric Boros, 2014

Podcast Interview prior to show in Amsterdam, 2015

Podcast with Ben Cardew for Radio Primavera Sound

Podcast interview for Porous Borders 2019

Resound Asia Episode 3 Feat. Senyawa

Profile interview by TPAM 2015

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