Gaung Jagat is the extension to Raung Jagat, an alternative method to conduct improvised music that can be applied to any kind of musical instruments, not only vocals. The system can be learned during a short workshop and does not require the ability to read conventional music scores.

Gaung Jagat Ensembles

​Studio Sessions 2016

Rully Shabara`s Gaung Jagat Ensembles

Studio Sessions 2016


Ensemble Saturday:

Johannes Handjono - Bass

Soni Irawan - Electric Guitar

Dimas Yudha - Drums

Mutia Bunga - Vocals

Paulus Ryan Haryanto - Bass

Kiat Istiqomah - Lalove flute

Mahamboro - Saxophone

Herman Cahyono - Violin

Adi Wijaya - Keyboard


Ensemble Sunday:

Ramberto Agozalie - Drums, Percussion

Riska Farasonalia - Drums

Made Dharma - Vocals

Jane Nate - Vocals

Uya Cipriano - Electric Guitar

Dicky Permana - Acoustic Guitar

Rarya Lakshito Jati - Cello

Relly Pargon - Electric Guitar

Sean Stellfox - Noise

Emil Palme - Electric Guitar


All tracks composed using Gaung Jagat system

and conducted by Rully Shabara


Lyrics for "Sunday No.2" by Jane Nate

Recorded, Mixed,

and Mastered by Muhammad Reza Akhar

at Jogja Audio School, 2016


Cover Artwork by Jane Nate

​Design by Rully Shabara

Gaung Jagat Ensembles Cover Album

Gaung Jagat String Quintet

​The First Show