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Khawagaka is a collection of ancient teachings and philosophical ideas that emerged following the decline of the Samasthamarta civilization.

Comprising six primary chapters, Khawagaka explores various aspects of life, spirituality, and societal values.

The teachings were originally written on dozens of manuscripts over the span of 60 years using the Zugrafi script and spoken in the Zufrasi language.

This speculative cultural initiative aims to inspire reflection, spiritual growth, and a deeper understanding of our real life history of human heritage.

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The Rijmana Council, an independent institution dedicated to the research, preservation, and promotion of Khawagaka culture, including the philosophies in Khawagaka teaching, the history of Samasthamarta civilization, the language of Zufrasi, and the writing system of Zugrafi. 

Collaborating with the band Zoo,

Khawagaka is being reintroduced through modern musical expressions.







Learn more about this project:

Legenda Khawagaka: Riwayat Wusa
The Legends of Khawagaka: Chronicles of Wusa

a Documentary feature by Rully Shabara
Coming Soon.

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