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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Indonesia particularly hard this time.
With lack of decisiveness and support from the government, thousands of creative workers, freelancers, and artists have no foreseeable income to support their families or even themselves during this most treacherous times. 

Sama2Makan is an initiative that uses data to list creative workers in Jogjakarta who have zero income during this period then supply them and their family with food and other essential needs on a daily basis to make sure they survive. Sustainability and continous tracking is what this initiative is aiming for. All financial data are fully transparent and accessible. I am part of the initiative, so I can vouch for its credibility.

Learn more via Instagram page @sama2makan
Brief intro to the program (In Bahasa Indonesia) click here
Financial Reports click here

Your donation will mean everything, not only to the people who will receive them but to the overall art scene In Jogjakarta that only relies on hope at the moment. Because what is art when the people who contribute to the scene cannot even get something to eat.

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or Bank Transfer
Account Holder: Leilani Hermiasih 


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