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A collaborative project with instrument builder Wukir Suryadi that pushes musical range to both extremes; high-low, harsh-soft,

yet creates a subtle mix between modern and traditional patterns



Album Cover art
cover art for album Acaraki 2014
cover art for album Menjadi
cover art for album Puncak
cover art for album Sujud
cover art for album Alkisah



cover art for album Rehearsal Session
sampul bandcamp.jpg
Cover art for album Senyawa with Kazuhisa Uchihashi
Cover art for remix by Charles Cohen
cover art for senyawa split with melt banana
cover art for senyawa live in cafe oto
cover art for senyawa and arrington de dionyso
cover art for senyawa and vialka
cover art for senyawa calling the new gods LP
cover art of senyawa and stephen o malley - bima sakti
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